Copying up to A3

Wide selection of materials

paper of different size and
color paper
design paper
tracing paper
transparency films
self-adhesive paper




Make copies or print-outs using our self-service machines. It is FAST, CONVENIENT and BENEFICIAL.

You will be able to:

Self-service is available at both Copy Pro stores – at Raina boulevard 17 and Dēļu street 4!

Before using self-service machines please pay notice to self-service instructions which are available at our stores.


Black&White copies A4 A3
Copy one-sided two-sided one-sided two-sided
automatically 0,058 0,117 0,117 0,232
manually 0,090 0,180 0,180 0,360
self-service 0,04 0,074 0,074 0,148

Color copies A4 A3
Copy one-sided two-sided one-sided two-sided
automatically 0,73 1,46 1,46 2,92
manually 0,73 1,46 1,46 2,92
self-service 0,54 1,08 1,08 2,16

Prices in EUR with VAT

Copying on different materials
Price for one copy increases according to the price of the chosen material. Non-standart paper prices: A4 from 0,07 eur, A3 from 0,10 eur for a sheet of paper.

The price may vary according to the volume and specifics of the order. We will offer you the best price depending on your needs and the volume of the order. To find out more accurate price please e-mail us

All orders made during 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM will be added a 10% night time comission.