Business cards

Business card gives the first imperssion about you or your company. So it is very important that it is well designed and printed in high quality. Business cards are printed on white high quality paper. You can also choose different design, thickness and color paper.

Information about how to prepare digital files for print you can find here.


Amount* One-sided Two-sided
48 8,50 12,90
96 14,60 22,40
120 16,10 26,25
312 32,89 59,80
504 51,45 90,30
Prices in EUR with VAT

*Order processing - 24H. Price for 9x5 cm business cards

The price may vary according to the volume and specifics of the order. We will offer you the best price depending on your needs and the volume of the order. To find out more accurate price please e-mail us copypro@copypro.lv

All orders made during 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM will be added a 10% night time comission.