Large-format copying

Visit our stores if you are in a need for large-format copies. We offer precise high-quality copies, maintaining the finest lines and spaces with voluminous color coating.

Choose from paper of various thickness and types, maximal width of paper is 914 mm


Black&Whites copies A2 A1 A0 A0+ (width 914mm)
standart paper, 80 g 1,15 1,75 3,45 0,29/ dm

Color copies A2 A1 A0
scale drawing (paper 90 g/m2), 5% color overlay 2,65 3,78 7,56
poster (white paper, 90 g/m2) 6,60 9,43 13,48
poster (photo-quality paper, 190 g/m2) 11,53 16,43 23,48
poster (matte paper, 170 g/m2) 9,96 14,23 20,35
poster (self-adhesive paper) 12,73 18,18 36,36

Prices in EUR with VAT

The price may vary according to the volume and specifics of the order. We will offer you the best price depending on your needs and the volume of the order. To find out more accurate price please e-mail us copypro@copypro.lv

All orders made during 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM will be added a 10% night time comission.